Getting Started With Petra Fashions

Q.  What is Petra Fashions?


A.  Petra Fashions is a lingerie home party plan (direct sales company)

Is there an investment to get started?

A.  Yes there is a very affordable amount to get started. 

Q.  What else do I need to get started?

A.  You will need a small light weight table  from Walmart or a similar store and other small miscellaneous items that you should have around your house. (Calculator, pencils, rack cover, etc.)

Q.  Does the Hostess receive free product based on the sales and bookings from her party?

A.  Yes, a Hostess receives 20% of the retail and other special gifts

Q.  Is each order delivered directly to the customer?

A.  No.  The entire order gets delivered to one location.  It is usually the hostesses house or where she works.  Shipping and handling is 10% of the order and if the guest wants it shipped directly to her it is a flat rate of $6.95.

Q.  What is a Salesperson called?

A.  A Consultant.

Q.  What is the commission Consultants earn?

A.  25% of retail sales.

Q.  As a Consultant, can I earn more than 25%

A.  Yes. 

Q.  What forms of payment are accepted?

A.  Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express and personal checks.

Q.  Are personal checks made out to the company or the Consultant?

A.  The Consultant.  I suggest that you have them made out to the Hostess and she can give you a check for the full amount.

Q.  What does it cost to purchase samples?

A.  Samples can purchased at a discount

Q.  How many samples can be purchased?

A.  One of each sample in every color and one in a plus size

Q.  Is there a cost to call Customer Service when you are an out-of-state Consultant?

A.  No.  It is your Director's job to call Customer Service if she is not able to answer your question. You are allowed to call the company yourself if you want.  They have a toll free number!

Q.  What is the average retail sales for a Show?

A.  The average  show has retail sales of at least $400.

Q. How long does it take for a Hostess to receive her show?

A. It is shipped within two to three days.  Processing time can vary depending on the time of the month. It is possible to receive the show faster if it is not the end of the month!

Q. How are shows shipped?

A. U.S.P.S. and FED EX

Q.  Does the company have a newsletter?

A.  Yes.  


Q.  How often does Petra come out with new samples and how much do they cost?


A.  Samples come out for the differnt seasons of the year.  They can be purchased separately or as a package deal.



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